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Remember, for every recommendation left by your friends, we will donate $1 to outdoor conservation funds.

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A short and easy form will give them the opportunity to describe where to go, what to do, and what to see.

We'll Donate a Dollar

For each recommendation we'll donate a dollar to wildlife, wilderness, and national park conservation funds.

What is Campstake

The Social Guide to the American Outdoors

Imagine planning your next camping trip. Imagine picking a location anywhere in America and browsing through the best of every national park, state campground, and individual campsite.

Now imagine reading real reviews from people who have really been there.

They already know the best things to do, the greatest sights, the unmarked trails, the local fishing holes, and whether or not you should bring your dog along the way.

We're building the very first digital destination for camping enthusiasts that includes photos, location journals, reviews, and activities for every outdoor camping spot in America.

Launching in Spring 2015

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